About Brand

Women feel too limited by the bounds of everyday life, so they
always want to go beyond these bounds and see and try something new and different.
Andre Maurois

First there was a step
Gracious movements, light steps… It is not possible to hide coquetry and a playful mood if you, like a cat, are on your territory. Here you can create a beautiful and wonderful world that will belong only to you, with the key to this world always in your pocket. Every step here is taken with true femininity, tenderness and splendor. And the small secrets of women’s happiness… Start with a drop of some spicy flavor, then free the wine from the glassy chains of the bottle and take a step.
Petit Pas
The style of Petit Pas brand originated in France: magnificent dolls of the 19th century at the Musee de la Poupee in Paris inspired us on creating Petit Pas brand and exquisite home clothes and footwear.

All Petit Pas models cannot but win the hearts of customers thanks to the quality of fabric, the decoration and their rich hues varying between the color of coffee, chocolate and ripe pomegranate kernels.

Sliding along without sliding away
In attempt to achieve perfection, brand creators select the best fabrics of the highest quality: pure silk, cotton and chamois, the best micromodal and lace.

Petit Pas products are for those who would like to accentuate the French chic and flair of true femininity about their style. The models of home and lounge wear and shoes made from premium fabrics allow their owners to slide around their homes with irresistible grace.

This is how the name of the brand came into being – Petit Pas. One small step. It is all so simple.